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Your Business plan should include:

Executive Summary

The project summary is usually a concise and exciting one page description of your venture. Write the project summary last, so you can include relevant information to meet your reader's requirement and highlight your operative and financial goals defined in the body of the plan.

Description of the Business/Product

  • type of business
  • history of development
  • products and services
  • plant/facility description and location
  • specific project details

Description of the Market

  • The Industry - size of industry, state of industry, industry trends, etc.
  • Describe in detail how your new business will capture a sufficient share of the market to become profitable.
  • Profile your customer/client; in profiling please provide a description of who will be your customer.
  • The Competition - detailed analysis of competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats (S.W.O.T. Analysis).
  • Consumer/customer trends, sales methods, advertising and promotion strategy, advertising costs, pricing and mark-up policies.

Description of the Operating Details

  • Overall company goals/mission, financial objectives, etc.
  • Proprietorship/partnership/corporation; organizational structure indicating key job responsibilities.
  • Staff training requirements, compensation package, operating policies, etc.
  • Legal issues: licenses, constraining laws, shareholder/partnership agreement limitations.
  • List of suppliers, business contacts, potential clients, etc.

Develop a Complete List of Project Requirements

  • CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: Land, buildings, vehicles, tools, machinery, equipment, furnishings and any other material requirements or asset purchases (use of schedules or charts that clearly list expenses).
  • Start-Up Costs and Working Capital: initial advertising, printing, insurance, professional fees, licenses and dues, opening inventory, office supplies, utility setup and other startup expenses.

Provide Complete Financial Statements

  • Previous financial statements if purchasing an existing business or expanding your business.
  • twelve month projected income statement; balance sheet; income summary for years 2-5, matching income and expense forecasts to term of loan; source and use of funds; proposed sources of financing, statement of forecast assumptions.
  • Production cost, break-even analysis, production capacity levels (as applicale to your project).
  • Security available as collateral against the loan.

Provide Personal Resumes

  • Provide standard employment resumes for all partners.
  • Include: Name addresses, phone #'s, detailed eduction history, business/employment history, management experience and training (strengths and weaknesses), abilities, accomplishments, and references (credit, employment, & personal).

Supply Other Supporting Material

  • Manufacturer's product documentation, pamphlets, product promotional materials, etc.
  • Industry journal articles (ie. Datamation, Personnel Journal, Journal of Small Business Management).
  • Credible newspaper articles (ie. Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Wall Street Journal).

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